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Spring Flower Table


Sculpted in white ash and glass this Dining table reflects the gentle strength of a flower in bloom. The carved base is the heart of the flower from which the 'petals' rise and form the stand upon which the clear glass table top rests. The polished edge and toughened glass gives the appearance of softness. Through the glass, from every angle, the ash wood frame can be seen delineating each of the eight 'petals'.
The symmetry of base and top is captured in the eight wood 'petals' around the central heart of the flower, which forms the base and the eight petals supporting the glass top.
Linking the base and the eight upper petals are four curved arches of ash giving eight upward trusting staves gently arched to give added stability and strength.
The differing sizes and shapes of the petals in the base leads to an asymmetry which draws the eye to explore further and allows the imagination of the viewer to place the table within the asymmetry so often found in the natural world.
The white ash wood carved and shaped brings out the strength of design whilst retaining the gentle curv
es seen in nature.

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